Our Clients

Financial Compass creates warm, honest, long-term relationships with clients. We connect your life plans to your money, and always put your needs first.

near or in retirement

Planning for income and long term growth are paramount to the success of a plan. Building a spending plan and structuring the portfolio to fulfill it are the primary concerns here. To do this, we must understand what your needs are, and monitor them to make sure your investement strategy stays connected with your financial plan. For those who no longer have a "paycheck", it is crucial that we do a few things. 1) Build a safety net independent of stock market gyrations and 2) Keep up with inflation.


As a mother, wife, ex-wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, niece, colleague, and friend, I have experienced firsthand, and I make it my job to understand, issues that affect women disproportionately such as widowhood, outliving assets, needing assisted living, being a caregiver, the dreaded “bag lady” fear… and don’t forget the “have it all” myth. And divorce, of course, because while it does not affect women disproportionately, it typically has a disproportionate impact on a woman’s financial well being. As a result, I find clients who may have had trouble connecting with their advisor in the past feel more comfortable knowing I "get it".

What about men?

Most of my clients are married couples. And some of my favorite clients are men! One common thread … they may be a bit older than their spouse, and they want an advisor their spouse is comfortable with.

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