Why Choose Us

Financial Compass is a fee-only financial planner with locations in South Jersey and Bucks County. As an advisor with a fiduciary commitment, my fees are transparent and my recommendations are unencumbered by commissions. If you are looking for a clearer path, and a partner to help you map your dream life and build the financial framework to support it, come in. Bring your statements and let’s take a look together!
As a boutique advisory, we provide highly customized and personal care to our clients, who are never just an account number! And don’t let our intimate, main street nature fool you … at our fingertips we have state of the art software, and the custodial and trading platform of financial services market leader Pershing, a BNY Mellon Company. Pershing has approximately 1.5 Trillion under management, and is the #1 clearing firm in the USA.

Independent, Fee-Only

Services are provided in two ways. Planning generally involves a stand-alone financial plan which carries a flat fee, based on complexity. You may or may not desire ongoing service after. Should you desire ongoing services, including asset management and ongoing planning, fees are billed as a percentage of investable assets, on a quarterly basis. There is a minimum annual fee for service, and clients with assets in the $1-5mm range will find the best value.

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